Lil Durk admits that he never wears the same pair of boxers twice

Lil Durk Shares He Doesn’t Wear The Same Pair Of Boxers More Than Once

It’s brand new, right out of the box! You can have anything you want when you’re making money like Lil Durk. The rapper is known for flaunting his wealth, jewels, and luxury vacations on social media, but today’s flex was different. The “Voice of the Streets” lets us inside his world by revealing that he never wears the same pair of boxers twice.

The Chicago native shared several new pairs of boxers on his Instagram story, including Calvin Klein and Ethika. While some of his Roommates didn’t mind his flex, some thought it was bad for the environment. “This is why our earth is dying,” one person said. “Celebrities can do anything,” said another. I don’t mind whether you’re wealthy or not. I have a load of laundry to finish. TF.”

Durk wasn’t the first rapper who stated that one pair of shoes is sufficient. TI revealed recently that he only wears his white Nike Air Force ones once a year. “One wear and another there,” the “King of the South” captioned a photo of eight pairs of Air Force ones he posted to Instagram on January 19th. Curren$y, a rapper, was one of the 10,000 people who reacted to the post.

“Swear…,” he said in response to TIP. I aim to get three mines out of a row. The first wear is for a daytime function, while the second wear is for a club night… On Sunday, I’ll be able to low-ride in a pair of worn ones that are still fresh enough to go cruisin’ in.

And if the car breaks down and we have to crawl down on the ground to fix anything, I won’t have to worry about creating their h**s because it’s their final day.” Spitta joked that he isn’t as wealthy as TIP, but that he will be one day.

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