On Welcome Home, Nikki Glaser, find out if Nikki has gotten engaged

The E! reality show finale of comedian Nikki Glaser was no laughing matter.

Over the course of Welcome Home Nikki Glaserfirst’s season, fans have seen her relationship with ex-boyfriend Chris Convy bloom, but she walked into the June 10 episode more divided than ever.

Nikki had been in her hometown of St. Louis, Mo., for several months at the time, and with a possible return to Los Angeles looming—one that she knew could help her comedy career recover from the pandemic—she had to decide whether to stay or go.

Chris, on the other hand, wasn’t exactly assisting. Sure, they’d reconnected after he, too, relocated to their shared hometown, but Nikki was looking for a long-term relationship. In the final scene, she said, “‘Let’s just f—king do it and get married,’ I want to say so desperately. “We’ve been doing this on and off for the past eight years. ‘What are we doing, exactly?'”

“I’m not going to stay in St. Louis if he can’t do that,” Nikki added. I don’t want to see his nice, beautiful face appear as a ‘top selection’ for me on Bumble. He was, like, “Bumble, you’re right.” But he wasn’t interested in what I wanted! “

That is, until Chris took her on a romantic trip to the St. Louis Arch. The couple began talking about their future plans while there, and before Nikki knew it, Chris was down on one knee.

Chris began, “I realize this isn’t the best moment for this, but will you be my emergency contact?”

Nikki was in ecstasy. In a confessional, she said, “Hey, you’ve got to start someplace!” “It may not appear so, but this is a pivotal moment for us.”

She’s already established their “initial plan of action” because the stakes are so high. It will be “to get the sex dungeon that Chris and I have talked so much about,” Nikki revealed.

That, my friends, is what we call true love.