Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney have made the decision to work…

Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney have made the decision to work on repairing their relationship

The Black Keys drummer, 42, and the vocalist, 39, of the song “Everywhere,” filed an order of reconciliation with the court on Tuesday, terminating their divorce, Page Six has learnt.

Branch and Carney have reportedly chosen to try to preserve their marriage for six months before choosing whether or not to reopen the divorce process, according to the filings.

The performers’ reps were contacted by Page Six, but they were slow to answer.

Some people might be surprised by the couple’s decision to get back together after a summer of alleged adultery and physical abuse.

Branch admitted to breaking up with Carney in early August, telling TMZ at the time that she was “extremely angry” about it.


Patrick Carney And Michelle Branch

The mother of two children, Rhys James, 4, and Willie, 7, whom she shares with Carney, said, “The rug has been completely yanked out from under me, and now I need to figure out how to move on.”

After that, Branch was arrested the following day following a possible domestic violence incident.

When Page Six acquired the pertinent court records, it became clear that the Are You Happy Now? The singer admits to striking the guitarist one or two times in the face during their argument.

Nevertheless, the case was ultimately dismissed because the parties were able to reach a compromise.

Just a few days after being detained, Branch filed for divorce, claiming on Twitter that Carney had cheated on her while she was at home caring for their newborn.

Branch and Carney’s divorce was dismissed without prejudice, according to the paperwork submitted to the court, meaning that it can be reopened at any time.

According to the paperwork, the parties may resume living as husband and wife or take part in counseling sessions to encourage reconciliation during the term of suspension.

The agreements also provide that during this period, the parties may continue their marital relationship.