Wendy Williams fights with her bank over money access, claiming…

Wendy Williams fights with her bank over money access, claiming she isn’t ‘incapable’ or being ‘exploited.’

Wells Fargo, according to the talk show presenter, has been denying her access to her cash for several weeks because her previous financial advisor advised the bank that she was “of unsound mind.
Wendy Williams hasn’t been seen hosting her talk show for the entire season due to unclear health issues, but it appears she’s in the midst of yet another struggle, this time a financial one.According to a legal complaint acquired by People and many other media sources on February 4, the talk show presenter is fighting Wells Fargo over “several million dollars” of her assets that she alleges she is being denied access to.


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According to the bank’s own papers, Williams’ accounts have been blocked because the organization “has substantial reason to believe that [she] is the victim of improper influence and financial exploitation,” as obtained by People.

Many of the conclusions appear to have stemmed from conversations with Williams’ former financial adviser, Lori Schiller, who cautioned Williams that he was “of unsound mind,” according to the institution.
Schiller also claimed that she had “just witnessed unmistakable symptoms of exploitation, including [Williams]’ own voiced apprehensions,” according to the bank. Williams says that she fired Schiller because of her “malfeasance in respect to [Williams]’ accounts” and “improper conduct in relation to their professional relationship,” according to a legal file seen by People.


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Wells Fargo maintains that “other independent third parties” “share these concerns,” while Williams claims that the bank is relying on “Schiller’s evaluation” to justify its decision to deny her access to her financial assets and accounts.

Williams is requesting that the New York Supreme Court order Wells Fargo to unfreeze her accounts immediately. She claims that if this does not happen, she will “fall behind on various bill payments, including her mortgages, marital settlement payment, and employee payroll.”

In response, Wells Fargo filed a petition “for the appointment of a guardian of the property of [Williams]” on February 9th, according to People.

Williams was described in the letter as “incapable” and a “victim of undue influence and financial exploitation,” charges rejected by Williams’ attorney.

Williams’ attorney also stated in their response letter that Wells Fargo’s refusal to give Williams access to her money without adequate explanation, as well as their decision to wait until after Williams filed her emergency petition with the courts to file for guardianship, “gives pause for concern about [their] intentions.”


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Williams’ assets should be unfrozen in the meantime until “a hearing is convened in an effort to settle this matter as equitably and efficiently as feasible for the benefit of both parties,” according to the note.

In a statement to People, Wells Fargo disputed the charges and stated that it is “fully cooperating in a court process to seek a settlement that is in her best interest.”

Meanwhile, Williams’ fans have missed her on her talk show this season, as she has been absent. Sherri Shepherd is approaching a contract to step in as a permanent guest host, presumably for the rest of this season, as Williams recovers from a variety of diseases, including Graves’ disease, a thyroid problem, and a battle with Covid, according to TMZ.

Shepherd will most likely start as a permanent guest host, according to TMZ, but if Williams is unable to return before Season 15 begins in September, the show would most likely be renamed (and maybe retooled) with Shepherd as the next permanent host.

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