With Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling talks about raising his daughters while…

With Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling talks about raising his daughters while juggling his career

Even though Ryan Gosling’s name is associated with well-known projects, his family is always his top priority. In a recent interview with Heat magazine, the actor, 41, admitted that he wants to be a parent.

He currently takes care of Eva Mendes, a Hollywood star, and their two daughters, Amada Lee, 6; and Esmeralda, 7. The artist’s beloved women were ultimately responsible for earning him a role in the Netflix streaming film “The Gray Man.”

I’m first and foremost a father. Because of this, I created The Gray Man in part so that I could take my kids to these amazing places.

It’s funny how we went all around France, stopping at the Louvre among other places. However, if I ask them now, “What did you enjoy most about France?” “Fruit platter in the hotel,” will be the reply. “He admitted it.”

Ryan also claimed that he wanted to use the upcoming film starring everyone’s beloved Barbie doll as an opportunity to wow his children with his acting abilities. Barbie is a great venue for presenting my artwork.

It doesn’t really matter that I’m doing this for them, but I think this will be the first time they can understand. They don’t really get why I want to play Ken, despite the fact that nobody else plays him.

But this is the reason we had to tell his narrative, “actor admitted.”

And in June, Eva Mendes talked about having children with Ryan Gosling and assessed the influence he had had on her daughters.

He might teach my daughters that there are no set gender roles and that everyone is an equal.

It’s a daily team effort, so if they see him and I acting differently by doing things that, once again, are not associated with stereotyped gender characteristics, that creates harmony and equilibrium, in my opinion.

She recalled the moment.