Ari Fletcher reiterates her allegations against Taina Williams, claiming that…

Ari Fletcher Doubles Down On Allegations Against Taina Williams, Says She Has No Reason To Lie About Alleged Abuse Against Her Son

Ari Fletcher reiterates her allegations against Taina Williams, claiming that she has no reason to lie about her son’s alleged abuse.

If you believed Ari Fletcher wouldn’t respond to Taina Williams, you were mistaken. Taina sent out a message denying that she assaulted Ari and G Herbo’s kid, Yosohn, as well as a video showing how much she adored the boy, which Ari despised.

She responded with a clap and had a lot to say about the expecting mother. Taina was insulted on Instagram live by the influencer, who called her miserable and stood ten toes down next to her son to prove the abuse charges were true.

On top of that, Ari instructed Taina to erase Yosohn’s videos from her page and reminded her followers that she and G Herbo never followed up with her after she told them Yosohn had returned home with a scar on his leg.

To back up his assertions, the Chicago native played a recording of Yoshon chatting with his father. “Why don’t you like Taina?” Ari inquired about Yosohn. “Because I don’t,” the child said.

Yosohn said he didn’t want to be left at home with his father’s girlfriend when Herbo questioned him. The discussion did not come to an end there.

When the claims of abuse were brought up, Yosohn explained that he had fallen to the floor, but that Taina had hit him while he was being questioned. Ari explained, however, that her kid had been smacked with a pillow and had fallen.

In a live broadcast that lasted over five minutes, Ari presented more of the footage, but things got more intriguing when the child claimed he intended to shoot his father’s girlfriend. Ari jumped in at that point and inquired as to why he intended to shoot her.

“Y’all get the image, and I have eight more videos,” she remarked as she paused the film. “Could you please explain why I’m so irritated?” She stated, with a hard look, that she had no right to be angry with the “babysitter,” referring to Taina, and that she was always in charge of the child because Herb was never home.