In a viral video, a woman claims R. Kelly sang to her from the same prison as…

(video) Woman Alleges R. Kelly Sang To Her From The Same Prison As Her Incarcerated Father In Viral Video 

In a viral video, a woman claims R. Kelly sang to her from the same prison as her imprisoned father.

R. Kelly isn’t allowing his time in prison to keep him from putting on a show in Chile! That’s the vibe a viral video seems to be sending out! In a 30-second video clip, R. Kelly is seen on the phone, apparently fulfilling a song request from prison.

The woman who requested the music and released the video was interviewed by The Shade Room. Here are the claimed details regarding how the unexpected event occurred:

R. Kelly Makes a Musical Request

Jazzalyn uploaded the video to her personal TikTok website roughly four days ago. At the time of publication, the purported 18-year-old did not provide many details regarding the call. However, she did put in white writing on the video “when your father goes to the same prison as R. Kelly.”

Only moving viewpoints of a woman thought to be Jazzalyn holding and chatting on an iPhone are shown in the video. On the screen, a phone call with the saved contact name “Brooklyn Federal Prison (Tommy Perez)” is visible and audible through speaker phone.

According to the young woman, Tommy Perez, who is detained at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, is her father. Someone with this name was incarcerated, according to the prison’s inmate directory. Following his racketeering conviction in his historic New York sex trafficking case in 2021, R. Kelly is reportedly being held in the same prison where he was held in the first place.

“I wanted to ask you something,” Jazzalyn said to the man she imagined to be R. Kelly. “Can you sing a song for me?” “Which one?” he asked, and Jazzalyn replied, “Love Letter.”

There’s a brief gap before the other line makes a stretching sound. R. Kelly joins Jazzalyn in the middle of the song to finish it. Squeals and remarks from the individuals filming the video and Jazzalyn convey their delight.

R. Kelly “didn’t do that for commissary or any sort of cash incentive,” Jazzalyn emphasized to TSR. She also said this on her Instagram Story, putting an end to the rumors that she had a boyfriend.

Kelly has music for everyone.

This wasn’t the first time Jazzalyn had the opportunity to hear R. Kelly sing while inside. She told The Shade Room that the day after the phone call, she had the opportunity to meet Kellz in person. Jazzalyn said she paid a visit to her father at MDC Brooklyn last Friday. R. Kelly apparently demonstrated his talent throughout the visit.

“Not only did I chat with him over the phone, but I also got to meet him!” Jazzalyn told TSR, “He sang out loud for everyone in the visitation room.”

We attempted to get video of this event in order to verify it. Jazzalyn, on the other hand, said the prison has a no-phone policy when visiting detainees, which is common practice in prisons. Jazzalyn stated she went to see her father from 6:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. local time, and then got a call from him at 8:34 p.m.

According to Jazzalyn, he called to make sure his daughter arrived home safely and she told him she planned to “tell the whole world [she] saw R. Kelly.” Her father inquired if she would like to talk to Kelly. Yes, Jazzalyn said, and she “used her opportunity” to make a request. Tommy and R. Kelly aren’t necessarily pals, according to the 18-year-old, but they are cordial.

From what he tells me, he and my father communicate a lot. I’d say they’re cool with each other, but they’re not really buddies. ” They’re just passing the time,” Jazzalyn wrote.

R. Kelly was trending on Twitter by Wednesday morning, and Jazzalyn’s TikTok video had over 773,000 views.