On her 34th birthday, Jessie J wears a crop top and bikini bottoms to jump…

On Her 34th Birthday, Jessie J Wears A Crop Top And Bikini Bottoms To Jump...

On her 34th birthday, Jessie J wears a crop top and bikini bottoms to jump into very cold water

On her birthday, the British singer shared a humorous video of herself plunging into a freezing lake on a sunny day.

Happy belated birthday, Jessie J! On Sunday, March 27, the singer posted a humorous video on Instagram revealing that she was “dropping into 34 years.”

In the video, Jessie was relaxing on a pier with some pals on a sunny day in the park when she slid a bit too near to the edge and fell into the “ice water.” Despite the fact that it was a beautiful day, it was much colder than she had anticipated!

Before slipping in, the singer reclined on the pier in a white crop top, vivid blue bikini bottoms, and black sneakers. Based on her reaction, the water was probably nowhere near the temperature that you’d want to swim in!

Before pulling herself out of the pond and wrapping herself in a towel, the “Bang Bang” singer hopped around in it. Despite the fact that she was chilly, her loved ones found the whole event humorous and joined in with her laughter.

Despite the silliness of the video, Jessie included an encouraging message in the caption, expressing her desire to make 34 her finest year yet. “33” wasn’t my favorite movie, but it taught me a lot.

“The greatest present I received this year was perspective,” she wrote in the post. “I’m going to try harder to live through the agony.”

Through the sadness, to laugh louder. Allowing myself to be my awkward, sarcastic, honest, goofball, cooking, loudly singing ass self.”To LIVE and LOVE.”

Jessie stuns in red at a Florida music festival.

Jessie has been candid about some of the factors that contributed to 33 being such a difficult year for her. She had a miscarriage in November 2021, and two weeks later, she revealed how horrible the ordeal was in an Instagram post.

She wrote at the time, “I just needed to f**king cry and fall into someone’s arms and sob.” She included a message about Mothers’ Day in her birthday message, which was also on Sunday in the UK.

“To anybody who is mourning or celebrating Mother’s Day today, I wish you a happy Mother’s Day.” She wrote, “My love is with you, whatever you are feeling or experiencing.”