Selena Gómez claims that after four and a half years of not being online…

Selena Gómez States She Is More Satisfied Without Being Online After Four And A Half Years

Selena Gómez claims that after four and a half years of not being online, she is happier

Selena Gomez, dubbed the “Queen of Instagram,” was one of the first celebs to admit that projecting the greatest possible picture on social media and living up to it in real life had become a dangerous preoccupation.

Selena Gomez gave up control of her social media four and a half years ago for her mental health, and she hasn’t looked back.

Her assistant has been in charge of uploading the photos that the actress gives her with the message that she wants to accompany them since then, so she doesn’t have to check the comments section.

I haven’t used the Internet in four and a half years. It has entirely changed the course of my life. I’m happier, more aware of my surroundings, and more connected to others.

“And everything else is of little relevance to me because it’s not my duty to worry about other people’s affairs,” she said on Good Morning America.

People used to call Selena Gomez “Instagram Queen.” Now, she’s one of the first celebrities to say that she’s built a wall between herself and her 300 million Instagram followers because she was obsessed with putting the best picture and her real-life height in front of everyone.

She said last year that she used to believe she needed to wear make-up every day and that she didn’t want to be seen without it.

However, as I grew older, I realized that I needed to overcome my feelings. I wanted to feel good about myself when I looked in the mirror.