JT Opens Up About Her Tears After Sending Her Dog To A Two-Week…

Jt Reveals She Cried After Sending Her Dog To A Two-week Training

JT Opens Up About Her Tears After Sending Her Dog To A Two-Week Training Program

JT recently kept it real when she stated that saying a temporary goodbye to her pet made her cry. You’ve probably seen the rapper’s dark chocolate puppy, Bean, on social media by now.

Bean, it appears, was in desperate need of some house training! JT announced to her Instagram followers earlier this week that her dog had been put in a two-week training program.

Beans are missing

Bean originally appeared on JT’s Instagram Story, peering out from behind a locked kennel. “My kid went to training. We both sobbed (I’m still sobbing”),” she wrote in white lettering. “I’m going to miss you so much, Bean Bean,” she concluded.

In a follow-up post on her Instagram Story, JT appeared to be crying. She captioned a close-up of her eye and the wet area beneath it.

JT also posted more videos of her puppy, including a video of Bean giving his mama pup kisses while riding in the car.

In one slide, JT wrote, “Bean who’s going to hold it down.” “I know my baby is on the lookout for me.”

And it appears that some people on the internet found JT’s grief hilarious. The celebrity took the opportunity to respond to the online rumors.

JT posted on a photo of a city skyline view, “Never share with y’all my business again. Y’all laughing ain’t sh*t funny.”

JT Expresses Her Love for Her Boyfriend

Although JT’s fur baby will be missing for a while, she may still have her bae, Lil Uzi Vert, to adore. On Saturday, the actor went online to show off his new ‘do.

With spikey black hair, the masculine rapper emerged. She provided a direct reaction to a Twitter user who asked, “Is this JT MAN?”

“Yeah, who else but MINE would it be?” she wrote.