Wiz Khalifa’s Instagram account was shut down for bullying, Gillie Da King…

Gillie Da King Claims Wiz Khalifa Got His Instagram Deactivated For Bullying After Joke About Gym Shorts

Wiz Khalifa’s Instagram account was shut down for bullying, Gillie Da King says, after he made a joke about gym shorts on Instagram

This isn’t the first time a joke has gone bad! Gillie Da King (previously Gillie Da Kid), co-host of Million Dollaz Worth Of Game, recently joked about Wiz Khalifa’s wearing underwear-like shorts in the gym.

Due to his everyday films in the little shorts, Wiz was essentially told by Gillie that he had unfollowed him on Instagram.

Wiz appeared to respond in an oblique video and photo post at the time. Gillie now alleges that Wiz’s Instagram account was deactivated as a result of his comments, and that the two had spoken about it.

Iz Is Accused of Bullying

On Saturday, Gillie tweeted, “You tell a ni$$a to put some shorts on. He claims IG is bullying him and gets your profile banned.” “I was so pu$$y, Ni$$a, I was playing des rappers,” she says.

Gillie’s once-popular Instagram account (@gilliedaking) was not available on the platform at the time of the tweet. In a series of tweets, Gillie proceeded to criticize Wiz. Someone said on Twitter, “Wiz a h*e for that,” and he retweeted it. Gillie also stated that he was “playing now [smiling devil emoticon, blood drop emoticon].”

“Dez ni $az, take the I was bullied route, but now that you’re wearing shorts, someone please make this $h*t make sense.”Like the song Ni $$a [blood drop emoticon], # I Can’t Wait to See UAgain, “Gillie tweeted.

“It’s 2022, you got social media rats now [face palm emoticon], can’t wait to meet ya [smiling devil emoticon], can’t wait to see ya,” he added.

Gillie’s First Laugh

If you’re just tuning in, let’s go through what happened between Gillie and Wiz. Gillie posted a little video on Instagram addressed to Wiz. He expressed his appreciation for Wiz and stated that he still listens to his hit songs “Black and Yellow” and “See You Again.”

“Man, you’re a legend.” It’s the state of Pennsylvania, baby. I had to unfollow him today, from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh.

You’re in your drawers every time I come on my page, man. “Man, you’re giving up strap-and-ball action,” Gillie remarked. “Each and every day, man?” I couldn’t wake up every day with eight balls in the corner pocket, so I had to unfollow you. But, man, I adore you. “

The Wiz Reacts To A Joke

Wiz responded to Gillie’s comments with two tweets, which were later removed. In a short Instagram video captioned “how Wiz handles” critics, Wiz appeared to label Gillie as negative.

“All right, I’m only going to talk about this once,” Wiz remarked. You are the same n***as that laughed at folks when they read in high school or said you sound stupid because you sound clever, y’all the same n***as who tell me to put clothes on in the gym or unfollow me because I make them uncomfortable. You know what I do with negativity, and you know what I do with negativity, so see ya.

Wiz also took a picture of himself smiling in the gym and captioned it, “I’m not to blame for your early trauma.”

Gillie liked the post and commented “childhood drama guy, put your shorts on Wiz” with seven laughing emojis from his own account.

Gillie and Wiz are rumored to be conversing

Gillie appears to have established a backup page after discovering his account had been disabled. He released numerous pieces of information on Saturday, including the tweets shown above and two videos of him exercising with a boxing coach. He wears a t-shirt and long jeans in his videos, which is ironic.

Gillie sent another update on the issue via the backup account on Saturday night. He thanked everyone for their “unwavering support,” which included collecting 100,000 followers in just eight hours. He was apparently telling his lady Regina, whom he refers to affectionately as “Tudie,” about his conversation with Wiz.

Gillie stated, “You know, I talk to that very soft, ultra sensitive, swab cotton a** n***a right?” “You hurt my feelings, you hurt my feelings,” he added. People were laughing at me, Gillie, and I don’t appreciate being laughed at, “he remarked.

“I felt like you were dragging down another black man,” he said. I was like, “N***a, because I told you to put some drawers on,” I mean, “because I told you to put some shorts over top of your drawers,” I was like, ” “I’m going to bring another black man down?”

“It’s all okay,” he said, adding that he won’t be held back. Gillie claimed that Wiz offered to get his page back following a sit-down when he posted the same film on his Twitter account. However, it appears that Gillie’s response is “f**k you and that page,” as he put it.

As of Saturday, Wiz has yet to publicly reply to any of Gillie’s charges. Instead, he spent the day lounging by the pool and watching rehearsal films.